distribution of art is more important than production


How would you describe the ‘artworld’ today? ArtREview does a very good job describing it as a system of power relations in the introduction to the ‘power 100’ for 2014. Sadly ArtREview then focusses on people, and produces a list instead of a network. A list with who is up or down is so uninteresting and tabloidy I can’t believe they are still at it. I presume they think a network is something their readers can’t comprehend. The list itself tells you absolutly nothing. How these people and institutions are related tells you a lot more. Why not produce a graph with people and institutions and their relations?


When we talk about the ‘artworld’, are we talking about a system of distribution rather than anything to do with the production of art? (…)  And isn’t the control of distribution the contemporary Western power paradigm anyway?



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