PUTINTIN, a new font

PUTINTIN font by Walter van Rijn

PUTINTIN_ПУТИНТИН font translates latin characters into cyrillic characters, showing both at the same time. If you type on a latin keyboard the latin letters appear on top and on a line underneath appears the cyrillic, creating two lines of text at the same time. Please double the font size to get a readable text. If you type on a cyrillic keyboard the cyrillic appears on top with the latin underneath.

PUTINTIN_ПУТИНТИН was created in response to the Russian annexation of the Crimea, which clearly breached UN resolutions and memoranda affirming Ukraine’s territorial integrity, which Russia signed as well. To be precise, Resolution 2625 of 24 October 1970 and the Budapest Memorandum of 5 December 1994 (the Memorandum on Security Assurances in Connection with Ukraine’s Accession to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons).
OK now it is confirmed that the UN is dead, we need to re-establish East West communication, for which I propose this font. The font has an open font license: “The OFL allows the licensed fonts to be used, studied, modified and redistributed freely as long as they are not sold by themselves.” (OFL)

Pdf file with text example PUTINTIN_by_vvvr

Download font from the Open Font Library



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