A new service is being launched with a near-life HD video feed from the International Space Station. It will allow you to see part of the earth, streamed over the internet to your phone or computer. How cool is that?

So what will happen when we all get access to a space station view of the world?

http://www.urthecast.com/features#live Website says:

“Join the UrtheCast community: UrtheCast is committed to fostering global education and relief efforts worldwide, using advanced Earth Observation technology. From helping students detect geographical changes, to providing crucial footage for aid organizations responding to a crisis, UrtheCast will soon provide a powerful tool for change.”

The blurb says it will have two resolutions: 1) “UrtheCast’s 5-metre resolution camera will capture any location that the ISS passes over, generating large strips of 40km-wide imagery, 365 days a year.” and 2) “UrtheCast’s one-metre resolution video camera will capture up to 150 videos of Earth in 4K-resolution — Ultra HD. Depending on flyover conditions, video length will generally be 60-seconds long. ”

I can’t wait for the first film made with these images……




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