This Video Does Not Exist (2013) vvvr

This Video Does Not Exist (2013) vvvr; video 01m:28s, colour, no sound.

When a link to an uploaded video on YouTube is unable to find its destination it shows this message on a static noise background. In fact creating a substitution for the video. Is it some sort of a hybrid created by the human programmer and all the systems at work, or is it a ‘real’ video placed automatically if the link doesn’t work? Who knows? Because of the static background and the text “This video does not exist.” I assume it is a video. Where would the static otherwise come from? I mean there is no TV involved. If you have any answers let me know!
I do like the ambivalence of the word ‘this’. ‘This’ is supposed to refer to the video you were expecting to find, but it does not exist. Who says it does not exist anyway? It clearly did exist, but not anymore? Or it does exist, but not in the YouTube universe. But this one does, because that one doesn’t. …This is not a pipe either. So in the end, I made it a video.


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