A kindle scanner robot by peter purgathofer

Scan, read, reformat and disperse. Peter Purgathofer: “This is an art project reflecting the relation of book scanning, copyright, and digital rights management. This is not intended to be understood as an instruction or invitation, but rather as a provocative thought experiment.” Maybe not intended but it invites me to do more than think about it. As someone says in the comments on the vid why not do this digitally? I would add why not do this digitally as well as in a DIY homemade way with all the visual tactile stuff that comes with it to draw you in? Why not move ahead and reclaim the stuff that is ‘locked’ by one multinational or the other? This is a perfect symbiotic strategy to insert your DIY apparatus between the kindle screen/private eye and all other screens/our eyes.

DIY kindle scanner from peter purgathofer on Vimeo.



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