Making Books Conference

Wednesday I am going to the conference ‘New Art of Making Books’. See website Should be good after my book making stint. The book has not changed that much, but the way it is made and used has. The e-book on the other hand has changed substantially. It only became popular after the ipad introduced the page swipe, which copies the behaviour of paper and our use of the book.
(See also the Transmediale)

So what is a book in today’s culture and how have the Web and digital technologies transformed and expanded the book? The becoming digital of the book is not as straightforward as a linear change, but a complex intertwining of technological, aesthetic and cultural habits and tendencies. The book does not just become digital, but the digital becomes book-like with the growth of such platforms that remediate the book such as Kindle, and yet, the book is on some levels disappearing as a physical object.

The title of this event references Ulises Carrión’s provocative series of aphorisms on his definition of a book from the 70’s. But how have new technologies shaped a very different perspective for the book since this time? How have these changes crafted an alternative reading experience? This conference will explore the current transformation of the artist book and examine the connections that exist between the physical and the digital.

The main thematic areas covered are the printed and electronic books. Themes and research questions would include: the convergence of traditional craft skills with digital technologies in the making of books; how has the book transformed across space and time; how have artists used new forms of communication to create a different reading experience; and how do we archive and collect in the digital world? Disciplines discussed within this include: typography, printing processes, electronic publishing, text-image relationships, illustration and narrative, motion graphics, sequence and performance, design and navigation for screen, e-book interface design and visual ergonomics. Buy Tickets now!



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