I just discovered an add-on for Firefox browser called Add-Art, which replaces ads within web pages with art (see below for a link to what is shown). It looks like a remix but I think it is more a symbiosis. It is an example of exploiting the modular and dynamic structure of web pages, which means that these pages are not one thing but a collection pulled together from different sources. The webpage is not changed but only the unwanted ads are being blocked. This leaves a space open to be filled with art. A symbiotic concept par excellence. Like any symbiotic relationship it needs constant work and adaptation to sustain a presence. Now that Firefox has ‘upgraded’ Add-Art needs to adapt and eek out their niche again.


Screenshot from Add-Art website as example

Screenshot from Add-Art website as example.


Introduction to Add-Art from Steve Lambert on Vimeo.

Screencast introduction to Add-Art, the Firefox Extension that replaces ads with art. Now compatible with Firefox 3.

If you have any problems, check out our forums at http://forum.add-art.org To download, go to http://add-art.org



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