Institutions by Artists – the Convention

Source: Institutions by Artists – the Convention | News | a-n.

Institutions by Artists, 12-14 October, Vancouver, Canada will evaluate the performance and promise of contemporary artist-run initiatives.

  • Institutions by Artists

A three-day conference exploring the international impact of artist-run practice takes place in Vancouver, Canada this weekend. Organised by Fillip, an arts and culture publication based in the city, and PAARC The Pacific Association of Artist Run Centres, Institutions by Artists will use experimental formats to challenge and generate new thinking about artist-run initiatives.
Topics under discussion include economies of exchange and knowledge, institutional time and space and intimate and professional networks. Day one is broadly themed around institutions, while day two will explore the gulf between artists’ practice and the market and day three will look into alternative means of distribution.
During the weekend a number of artist-run initiatives will present special projects that link to the themes of the conference. This programme includes presentations from internet art pioneers, grassroots cinema collectives, media pirates and institutional revisionists, with the aim to examine the many phenomena impacting and defining artist-run institutions today.
One of Institutions by Artists more experimental areas is a series of re-enactments of key histories from the annals of artist-run culture. These include Print Center, a resource looking at radical distribution methods for printed matter. Hosted by fillip and Berlin-based Motto Books, Print Centre features a stand alone programme of talks, launches and screenings by conference presenters and attendees.

Streaming live
live streams of key presentations are available throughout the event from 10am Eastern Daylight Time on 12 October.
Stream One: Cinema
Stream Two: World Art Centre
An HD video of the event will be available following the end of the conference and you can also follow discussions via Twitter.



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