The Artist’s Resale Right?

I didn’t know this existed as a right, always thought it was something the artist and dealer/buyer agreed upon via a contract. So at least the campaign about the artist’s resale right is a wake up call.

Is anything wrong with the Artist’s Resale Right?
By: Jack Hutchinson NEWS FEATURE: 11 Jul 2012 via AN – News.

Is a campaign to raise the threshold of the Artist’s Resale Right in the UK a threat to the incomes of already low-paid artists or a justifiable attempt to protect the art market infrastructure? (…)

As is so often the case, at the heart of the matter is money. The current threshold for the Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) in the UK, introduced in 2006 following a 2001 EU Directive, stands at €1,000. But a campaign led by art dealer Niall Fairhead of London-based Fairhead Fine Art Limited wants it raised to €3,000, the maximum level allowed by the Directive.

DACS are calling for artists to make their views known to the Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, via Twitter (@Jeremy_Hunt) and using the hashtag #ResaleRight. They also want artists to contact their local MP to back the ARR. Rhondda MP Chris Bryant, a long-standing supporter of the ARR, has already backed the DACS campaign, stating that: “Without artists there would be no art market.” In a debate with strongly opposed views, that’s one fact neither side is likely to dispute.


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Twitter debate
Join members of the AIR Council to discuss the importance of the Artist’s Resale Right to emerging artists on Thursday 19 July at 12 noon. Tag #ResaleRight



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