New project TITLE (date)

Et in Arcadia Ego (1637) Nicolas Poussin
Anthraquinone-1-Diazonium Chloride (1994) Damien Hirst
What Won’t People Do for Money! (1625) Adriaen Pietersz. van de Venne
Young Man with a Book (1860) Martin Johnson Heade
The Fifth Foolish Virgin (1483) Martin Schongauwer
The Senses Have No Body (2011) Yvonne Jones
It is of Utmost Importance that We Repeat Our Mistakes as a Reminder to Future Generations of the Depths of Our Stupidity (2011) Slavs and Tatars
I decided not to save the world/Dünyayı kurtarmamaya karar verdim (2011) Mircea Cantor
Harrier (2010) Fiona Banner

I need your participation for this new project! I am collecting the TITLES of artwork to generate new artwork. To participate is easy: send TITLES via my website:

Submit TITLE


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