QR codes, a few problems and solutions

After experimenting with the qr-codes for a while (see http://www.symbiotext.net/qr-codes), I have come up against a few problems and ways to improve the use of it in my projects. The most annoying problem is a link that doesn’t work anymore. Sometimes I have linked to quite obscure and seemingly temporary pages that have since disappeared. This results in a 404 message ‘page not found’, or just a blank. The solution I found is creating a webpage that forwards the visitor to another webpage. I can then create an qr-code to the first webpage, that is stable or at least managed by myself. Then by chance I found there is a plug-in for wordpress websites that does just that. Downside is plug-ins are not available for the free hosted wordpress.com sites.

Walter van Rijn & Symbiote Facebook

In my projects the smaller qr-codes with fewer blocks are more usable, so I make the qr codes from shortened URL’s. Another advantage is that some of these have the option to record statistics of how many times the link has been used. Might be an idea for Qrafter to add to their app.



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