Oscar Wilde cleaned up?

(Reuters) – For over a decade, Oscar Wilde fans have flocked to a famous Paris cemetery with lipstick in hand and left red and pink kiss marks all over the Irish writer’s cream-colored grave.
But from this week onwards, with Wednesday marking the 111th anniversary of the Dublin playwright’s death, Wilde enthusiasts will have to contend with paying their tributes through a glass screen at arm’s length from the tomb. The new-look grave was unveiled after a renovation that left it scrubbed clean and surrounded by a glass enclosure to preclude future visitors from degrading the stone.

How come leaving a lipstick mark is equated with ‘degrading’? Even after an artist’s death the public is told what is allowed, how to respond, where and when. But the forces of nature are not to be shackled, no matter what the artificial rules tell us. From a research point of view: one might measure the level of dispersal by the level of ‘feedback’ received.
Slide show of images:

Oscar Wilde: online works: The Critic as Artist  http://www.online-literature.com/wilde/1305/



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