Talking about direct funding for individual artists

Coming back to the issue of funding artists directly (see post below), I found this brilliant research article on the AN website.

A fair share – direct funding for individual artists from UK arts councils, by Dany Louise.

The key finding of this study reveals that shockingly few individual artists apply for funding in their own right, and even fewer are successful. What this means is that there is little direct funding being given to artists to pursue and develop their own projects, under their own control – under 20% of available funding for the visual arts in England, 14% for Northern Ireland and around 18% for Scotland and Wales in 2009-2010.

A few facts from this report:

How many applications?
Looking at England, there were only 1,033 applications from individual artists to Arts Council England’s (ACE) Grants for the Arts (GFTA) fund in the 2009-10 financial year, and 1,390 in 2008-09. This means that only 5% of artists applied for a grant on their own behalf. Of those who did apply, 485 were successful in 2009-10 and 434 in 2008-09. In other words, less than 2.5% of artists in 2009-10 were directly funded by ACE, and the figure is even lower for 2008-09.

How much direct funding went to artists?
Looking at Arts Council England GFTA application figures for the visual arts, 485 successful applications by individual artists in 2009-2010 shared a total of £2,836,152. The average award was therefore just £5,848. A useful amount certainly, but it doesn’t suggest that many significantly ambitious artist-led projects were enabled. The total amount GFTA awarded to individuals was 19.45% of the total GFTA spend on visual arts, with the balance going to organisations – this excludes Treasury funding to ACE’s Regularly Funded Organisations (RFO).

Rounded of this means: individual artists 20% — organisations 80% of the Grants For The Arts pot.
Next question: what are the percentages if the Treasury funding to Arts Council’s RFO is taken into account?

I just had a look at the ACE annual review 2010:
What is the balance of funding between institutions and individuals for 2009-2010?
Total income for the ACE: 625 million. Total grants: 418.5 million.
Grants to institutions: 417.3 million.
Grants to individual recipients: 1.2 million. (see page 87).
These figures are for ALL art forms. This means individual applicants get 0.29% of art funding. The ACE hasn’t got targets to get funding to individuals (see page 47)……………….

To get these figures for Visual art only I have to find a few more figures… TBC

Main conclusion: individual artists should create more artist-led projects and apply more… So I will….



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