Saving a whole blog as a pdf

Finally found some sites and plugins to save my whole blog in pdf form:
(updated 4 March 2014) … not to be confused with backing up…

  1. Blogbooker   > bare and basic but a fast and simple way of creating a pdf or archive. >>> After all those years still the best if you just want to save a copy of your blog in pdf form. Upload the pdf into Indesign and design your own book.
  2. Blurb: > New version at Blub. Needs more time but has more options to create a more polished end ‘product’. With Blurb you can create a pdf from your blog: it “supports direct access to blog text, images, comments and even link from Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad and WordPress.” When you upload your pdf to Blurb you also get the option to create an e-book version.
    A massive downside of Blurb is that you have to buy at least one printed copy of your book. In this respect Lulu is a lot better. see below
  3. Create a pdf from your website: Use Adobe Acrobat Pro > From File> Create PDF > From Webpage
    Type in the website address and select > Capture Multiple Levels > Levels of links to download 2 or 3 is usually enough to get all you need.
    (If you select ‘get entire site’ it takes ages and may cause memory problems). The settings give you options to add the background, text size, and output paper size etc.
    Great stuff! It downloads exactly how the pages look like with all the links and embedded multimedia if possible.

So I suggest to create a pdf with blogbooker or Adobe, then design it with any of the DTP software. Once you have your pdf you can publish it online and/or print it as a book via one of the print on demand publishers: Lulu or Issuu.  Lulu: An POD website which publishes any of your pdf’s. See
Great print quality of the pages but not very happy with the book binding. Also very long delivery time (to the UK). Issuu is great for publishing your pdf’s and it gives you the option to make it availble for print. See
See also my post about Digital Publishing Toolkit.

For reviews about self-publishing companies see:



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