Abstract Possible

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The Project
Abstract Possible is a research project that aims to explore notions of abstraction, taking contemporary art as its starting point. It includes the collaboration/participation of Doug Ashford, Claire Barclay, José León Cerrillo, Matias Faldbakken, Claudia Fernández, Liam Gillick, Goldin+Senneby, Wade Guyton, Gunilla Klingberg, David Maljkovic, Mai-Thu Perret, Seth Price, Walid Raad, Emily Roysdon, Salón, Bojan Sarcevic, Tommy Støckel, Ultra-Red, and Anton Vidokle. Abstract Possible is a project by Maria Lind. It will develop in various locations over the course of two years.
Discursive frameworks for Abstract Possible.

Salón was invited by Maria Lind to create discursive frameworks, both live and online, around the exhibitions of Abstract Possible and the three main strands of abstraction addressed in them: formal abstraction, economic abstraction and withdrawal strategies. We seek to offer spaces that nurture a multifaceted discussion around and beyond the exhibition. The two main elements are: 

Public Program Through out the exhibition there will be three programs in the museum:

Formal AbstractionOn how do different works and ideas around formal abstraction, both geometric and expressive, participate in the construction of distinct understandings of today.
Guests: Gunilla Klinsberg, Wade Guyton and Alejandro Hernández
Museo Tamayo – 12:00 pm / 26th of March, 2011

Economic AbstractionOn different aspects of abstraction’s growing presence among working conditions, conditions of production, distortions of scale, among other economic relations and its potential.
Guests: Doug Ashford
Museo Tamayo – 1:00pm / 8th of April, 2011

 Withdrawal StrategiesOn tactics and strategies used by artists, cultural producers and other disciplines to address questions from “an angle” that may also allow a greater freedom of action through self-organized initiatives.

Guests: Ultra-red, Emiliy Roysdon, Liam Gillick, and Maria Lind among others.
Museo Tamayo – 27th of May, 2011
10:30 am – Ultra-red workshop: ¿What is the sound of radical education today? (previous inscription needed)
12:00 pm – Conversation Angus Cameron, Emily Roydson, and Pip Day: Abstraction as a Tool for Withdrawal
1:30 pm – Dialogue Liam Gillick and Maria Lind: The Limits of Abstraction

Website Here, content will be published periodically both from artists, writers and other cultural producers participating in the exhibition, as well as from outside in the format of public talks, presentations, interviews, studio visits, texts, slideshows or others.



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