The art of influencing change

The Art of Influencing Change

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engage/enquire International Conference
3-5 November 2010
Broadway, Nottingham Media Centre
Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery
Nottingham Contemporary
and venues across Nottingham during the British Art Show 7

The art of influencing change

How can art impact on change?

The engage International Conference has become a major annual event that brings together over 200 arts and education professionals from the United Kingdom and other countries. In 2010 engage and enquire will collaborate on a joint conference, The Art of Influencing Change.

The engage/enquire International Conference aims to:

  • Stimulate debate about gallery education and issues affecting practice
  • Inform delegates about current cultural and educational policies annd developments in the visual arts
  • Raise the profile of gallery education
  • Provide networking opportunities for delegates


Rapid developments in the 21st century are creating opportunities and challenges for arts and education professionals. We are confronted by environmental issues, developing technology, globalisation and changes to political agendas and policies.

This year’s engage/enquire International Conference will consider how those working in the visual arts can be best equipped to influence change now and in the future.

How do artists and arts organisations respond to global and national changes? What are the opportunities and responsibilities for arts educators resulting from these changes?

Can the sector influence political agendas and environmental issues, and does it have a responsibility to influence what is going on in the wider world?

How might the arts, audiences and resources reshape in response to environmental and technological as well as financial changes, and how can the arts be resilient and sustainable?

To answer these questions, we will:

  • Look at key challenges facing the arts and education world and consider how artists, educators and policymakers are taking socio-political responsibility and influencing change
  • Examine the role of technology and digital collaboration in reaching new audiences
  • Hear from the ‘champions of change’, focusing on future forecasts, pioneering models and revolutionary social projects
  • Highlight tools and strategies for arts educators to influence change now and into the future.

As well as a lively programme of presentations and debates, breakout sessions will provide a more intimate platform for discussion. Hear case studies, engage with activism and learn about dynamic education projects.


One thought on “The art of influencing change

  1. My mother who was an artist and art professor used to consider that EVERYBODY is naturally creative, but the most have been systematically conditioned to forget it.

    Instead of being “pleasing agents” of a pseudo social “elevation”through “culture”, helping to question the
    paradigm creatively to come to own conclusions.

    Instead of “education,education,education”, TRUST into the human ability to make sense with the senses.


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