Michael Landy : Art Bin

photo: from www.art-bin.co.uk

One of my artworks is accepted to be disposed off in to “a monument to creative failure”. I accept it was a failure, and they accepted it as well. On the other hand it is transformed into an other artwork, “a monument”. For whom I would ask. Something like the monument for the unknown soldier? A Wikipedia shows a list of countries where you can find one:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomb_of_the_Unknown_Soldier. Tomb of the unknown artworks…. where artists and public can contemplate loss and what might have been. A vast potential accessed and transformed, but to what cause?

Reading the articles in the Guardian and Independent it is of course the well-known names whose binned work is featured. It raises the question  if it is possible to destroy art work, as many works have already been exhibited, photographed, or live on in the artist’s mind and to be materialised at a later date. “Manuscripts don’t burn” said Bulgakov in The Master and Margarita.

From the South London Gallery:

Michael Landy transforms the SLG into ‘Art Bin’, a container for the disposal of works of art. Over the course of the exhibition the enormous 600m³ bin will gradually fill up as people discard their art works in it, ultimately creating, in Michael Landy’s words, “a monument to creative failure”.

Landy famously destroyed all his possessions in his 2001 installation ‘Break Down’ and this major new work also raises issues around disposal, destruction, value and ownership. ‘Art Bin’ foregrounds the role of subjectivity in the attribution of value, as well as the significance of emotional attachments. Exposing the ultimate power and influence of both perceived and actual monetary value, the work also questions the relationship between ownership and authorship. ‘Art Bin’ toys with the role of art institutions in making and possibly breaking careers, acknowledges their important role in the art market, and makes reference to the derision with which contemporary art is sometimes treated.

Anyone can apply to dispose of art works in ‘Art Bin’, but only those works accepted by Michael Landy or his representative will be allowed into the bin.

From 7 December 2009 anyone can apply to dispose of art works via a dedicated website at http://www.art-bin.co.uk. Deliveries will be taken at the SLG from 7 December 2009 by prior arrangement, and from 29 January – 14 March 2010 works can be brought to the South London Gallery to be disposed of in ‘Art Bin’ from Tuesday to Sunday, 12-6pm. Michael Landy or his representative will decide which works go into Art Bin and not all works will be accepted.





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