Video platforms

Selected a few websites which might become a platform for my art.


As the most viewed (any statistics?) video website. Where my work will be framed by any other video that the You Tube software generates from tags and other views.
I’ve created my own Channel and uploaded 5 videos from the ‘Presidential Address’ Installation.


Website, London Gallery, blog and active hub in Net Art and New Media Art scene.
Created an profile page, with potential to ‘broadcast’ work and reviews.

Video Art Online Gallery based in New York. As in Furtherfield but focussed on Video.
“Perpetual Art Machine is a community for video artists, curators, writers, therorist, educators, collectors, and enthusiasts.
Perpetual Art Machine is an on line gallery and database of video art.
Perpetual Art Machine is a traveling video installation.
The website feeds our installation machines. Both the database and video content work together at exhibition venues displaying works simultaneously and individually. The works play off each other, informing each other by association or differenciation, highlighting through the display system their individual qualities.”

“An experimental project environment for art and new media developed, created, curated and directed by Wilfred Agricola de Cologne (AdC), a multidisciplinary media artist, New Media curator and media art activist from Cologne/Germany.”
Interestingly organised and produced by one artist and grown exponentially.
Networks, and organises exhibitions of curated selections of work around a theme. These collections are then exhibited around the world. How do these exhibitions look? Audience interaction?
In the past I have submitted work that became part of a sound collection. see SoundLAB.
Need to update this relationship.



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