social networking and video

The problem with video hosting sites is that they’re not compatible. If you have uploaded videos to YouTube, Google Video and, you don’t get a uniform user experience when you embed them on your Web site. lets you put them all into one player, with up to 100 videos at a time. It’s a useful tool for anyone wanting to share video collections.

Qik provides a platform where you can easily stream and share live video from your mobile phone camera. At the Web site, you’ll see live video streams being shot by Qik members from around the world. You can keep things private or share your video globally. Once delivered to Qik, your footage is archived at the site and can be sent automatically to YouTube, Twitter, your blog, or your page on Facebook.

One social network site is never enough. 7 million people in the UK use both Bebo and Facebook. Over 50 million people per month visit both MySpace and Facebook. A lot of users maintain different friend lists on LinkedIn and MySpace and other sites. Until recently, there was no effective way of aggregating and merging all the data and activity on these sites into a single user interface. But late last year, a new Brazilian-based startup called arrived, aiming to do just that. Its founders call what they do “social inter-networking” because it allows users to view and interact with all their social networks at once. Data is aggregated, and the sites themselves, if accessed via the site, are marked up with extra features. Now Facebook is suing for copyright infringement, violations of terms of service, and the scraping of what they consider “proprietary data,” which appears to mean user information and the storage of user credentials on servers.

source: ZEN MONTHLY,Your Free Internet Newsletter,  Issue 96, Feb 1st 2009



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