Interactive Video

The Korsakow System was developed at the University of the Arts (UdK) in Berlin in cooperation with the Mediamatic Foundation, Amsterdam. It is a software which consists of an editing surface to design interactive films. These can consist of text, image, film, and sound. As such, The Korsakow System allows producers to explore the synergies between these different media and their content.

The Korsakow System works with a simple but effective database structure that allows an author to add, withdraw and rearrange sequences at will. During the presentation, Korsakow projects can change dynamically in reaction to user choices, making them truly interactive. Each individual screen shows one main film part and offers up to three options in the preview under the main screen. The user can freely decide which one to follow. The author can determine how often individual films are to be shown. The “number of lives” can be between 1 and infinity.

And its a free download…



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