BPB 2008 Conference Memory of Fire: The War of Images and Images of War


15-11-2008 Brighton

Issues of mediation of the images of war were for me the most interesting aspects of this conference. Hilary Roberts (Head of Collections Management at Imperial War Museum, London) showed how this was done during and after 1st World War. No change there. Now iconic images were presented as reality but were in fact staged for the photographer, by the photographer. No photography by soldiers was alowed, only the ‘official’ photographers got permission. Control of access, resulting images and publicity was effective. Still is the case at many wars.

Stefaan Decostere: showed ‘Warum 2.0’ an installation arena and public experiment. Networked media as Live feeds, video, news, interactive audiences and sensors feedback. Panoramic video screen. See DVD.
‘As a public experiment, WARUM 2.0 engages both visitors & artists into making media rather then just watching them’ DVD (2008). Text also includes interview with Paul Virilio who gives a critical assesment of the totalitarian aspect of the global network, the global brain.

Stefaan presented the link to van Kesteren’s work, networks used to gather action and reaction, creative input from the viewers, also commenting on each others work.



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