Enwezor about ‘altermodern’

I’m going to a lecture by Okwui Enwezor at Tate (Triennial 2009, prologue 1, curated by N. Bourriaud)

It takes place on Sat. 26 April and is Enwezor’s response to Bourriaud’s definition of the new ‘modern’ : ‘altermodern’.
I’m curious how he links this to what he has written earlier:

“Under the current conditions of uncertainty, in fact, the idea of artistic intervention in the cultural sphere increasingly appears both fragile and anachronistic. This is not just due to the accelerating commodification being generated by the art market complex but also to a certain loss of ethical clarity in contemporary art as a whole. Artists need to do more than merely report on this situation, more than simply register their own responses to the pervasive anxiety that dominates cultural production.
The question, then, is this: how might art become integral rather than peripheral to the widespread challenge that affect not only the production of art but its reception as well, particularly in light of the deleterious effects of reactionary, conservative and fundamentalist politics on all world social formations today?” [my emphasis wvr.]
Okwui Enwezor, ‘The Unhomely: Phantom Scenes in Global Society’: http://www.fundacionbiacs.com



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